Club Information


Steven Brain



Russell Hayes


Charlie Brain

Hon. Secretary

Club Mark Officer

Sue Sumner

Hon. Treasurer

Howard Voisey

Hon. Fixture Secretary

Steve Carvey

Child Welfare Officer

Membership Secretary

Steve Bates

Youth Co-ordinator

Jon Woods

Vice-Presidents Co-ordinator

Nick Miles

Sponsorship Co-ordinator

Tim Yates

General Committee

Amanda Dingle, Callum Dingle,
Ben Norgrove, Freddie Norridge

Club Officers
Club Captains
Club Scorers

Gemma McNally (1st XI)

Sue Hayes (2nd XI)

Club Umpires

Andrew Smith

Bob Belcher

Howard Voisey

Russell Hayes

1st XI Captain

Rob Panting


1st XI Vice-Captain

Craig Wood


2nd XI Captain

Callum Dingle

2nd XI Vice-Captain

Freddie Norridge

3rd XI Captain

Jerry Senior

3rd XI Vice-Captain


4th XI Captain

Graham Nelson

4th XI Vice-Captain

Jon Woods

U19/NVC/Sunday Captain

Ben Norgrove

Club Groundsmen

Anthony Prior-Wandesforde

Matt Barnes

Neil Norridge

Al Sumner

Playing Subscriptions

Adult:   £115.00

Student:   £55.00

Juniors (hardball):   £55.00

Juniors (softball):   £35.00

Family membership:   £170.00

(Family membership can be 12 monthly payments, contact
for details)

Social membership:   £20.00

We have the option for you to pay your subs monthly. Please contact Sue Sumner for details. All subscription payments are due as soon as possible.

Match Fees

Adult:   £10.00

2nd match in a weekend:   £7.50

U18 / student:   £5.00

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